Fox Residence, Berkeley, CA

The owner/architect designed kitchen remodel, deck and steps were integrated into the geometric 9 square grid that organized the garden special design. Pathways and pavement patterns, the entry gate and arbor, the pond, the seat terrace walls and the planting spaces were all placed within the grid subdivisions or at significant gridline intersections. The owners are gardeners and a special place at the seat wall was dedicated to a succulent collection. There are beds for roses and perennials, the workshop garden center , a converted garage, is covered by vines which became the backdrop for the pond. Stone paving, stone walls, a 9 square stone pattern at the pond, a painted wood arbor and gate, and the painted wood steps and hand rail are the main constructed features.

The garden and house remodel design was featured in Outside the Not So Big House: Creating the Landscape of Home by Julie Moir Messervy and Sarah Susanka . The Tounton Press.

Architect: Dennis Fox Point Richmond, CA