Odiyan Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Library Garden

The monastery is located inland from the California Coast at an elevation of 1,400'.

The Library building sited south overlooking a Mandala composed in the spiritual and symbolic traditions of Tibetan Buddhist art with the Pacific Ocean in the distance. The eclipse is 120' on the east west axis and 104' on the North south axis. The central blue is surrounded by the four cardinal directions represented by colors - North-Green- East white-South yellow -West Red. There are 12 petals created by 9 divisions equaling the Tibetan symbolic number 108. The foliage colors are derived from varieties of heathers and heaths and dwarf conifers. The Mandala walk is surrounded by plant with complementing colors and fruiting trees. Informal strolling gardens surround the library.

Reference: The Sacred Art of Tibet by Marylin M. Rhie and Robert A.F. Thurman, The Tibet House, New York.