Bay-Friendly Landscape Presentation

Shinsei Gardens is a 39 unit apartment project for low income households with priority given to veterans. The client Resources for Community Development, the City of Alameda and other agencies made the commitment to creating a sustainable Green project. The Green/Bay Friendly Landscape Guidelines and Checklists and their assistance during planning, design, construction documents, construction and post construction were very helpful in the fulfilling the green project goal.

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Outside The Not So Big House

Julie Moir Messervy
Sarah Susanka

Expanding Home to Include Your Outdoor Spaces

This book is not about landscaping or gardening. It's about the transitions and connections between the inside of a house and the outside, and the journeys and the places that can be made to extend the experience of home to the outside. Just as the inside of a house is a sequence of places for the experiences of daily life, so the outside continues this sequence. And the paths and places along the way, whether inside, outside, or in the in-between zone, are together what we call Home. Whatever the size of your property, the ideas contained herein will help make your house and garden two parts of a singular whole.

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