Shinsei Gardens

Bay-Friendly Landscaping Certification and Practices partial list: planted cover crops for soil improvement, weather based irrigation controller, plants grouped by horticultural requirements, low water use plants, certified organic soil amendments, mulches and fertilizers, stones and native plants provide wildlife habitats and food, less than 10% is irrigated turf grass, recycled and sustainable building materials, ADA accessibility features-transfer platforms and play equipment and drainage swales with native plants.

We developed a Landscape Management and Maintenance Program that was used for obtain maintenance contractor bids and as a guide for the maintenance. We are continuing involvement in the evaluation and review of the landscape maintenance. Microorganisms, worms, worm tea and compost teas have been added to the planting areas to create long lasting healthy soils.

Recognition and Awards:

Bay-Friendly Landscape Conference featured project: Practical Solutions for Creating Healthy Soils:Lecture - Charles McCulloch and Alan Mart

Bay-Friendly Landscape Training Certification Lecture: Site Analysis and Site Planning Shinsei Gardens featured project: Lecture - Charles McCulloch

LEED Platinum: Build It Green Certification: Bay-Friendly Landscape Certification: ACTERRA-2010 Business Environmental Award for Sustainable Built Environments-Small Organization: East Bay Chapter AIA Merit Award Mikiten Architecture, Berkeley National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials Design Award

Owner/Developer: Resources for Community Development Berkeley

Architect: Mikiten Architecture, Berkeley, CA

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