Woodside Residence

The future site for the swimming pool and garden was a flat undefined field of grasses that only served as a foreground for the house and views to the distant rolling hills. The design program included a pool and spa, screening the freeway, providing shade during the hot Woodside summer days, places for roses, perennials and herbs, locating a fenced dog area, creating a setting for the house, keeping all excavated earth on site and providing spaces for large gatherings.

The curved design complements the natural California landscape and the gently undulating distant hills. Geometric site plan grew out of a Root 5 gnomonic spiral ( similar to a Chambered Nautilus) and curves expanded to define the pool edges, seat walls and terraces. Starting in the well used kitchen and family rooms, straight lines were projected to the hill views. Steps and a pool edge were located on these sight lines. Excavated earth was mounded to create terraces that copy the grassy rolling native landscape forms. Stone walls and steps, light pool plaster creates a bright blue water color, a zero edge pool detail, ornamental-native grasses and non mowing fescue grasses, wall lights and a water feature are the primary design elements.